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Brand & Data Security

We achieve the only goal that really matters: staying in business, and doing so securely.


Our data security solutions cover the entire threat landscape which includes: devices, networks, systems, and third-party applications to name a few.


NMSG's only mission is to ensure that your business and its supply chain are cyber-resilient.
Our strategies are informed by real-time threat intelligence, relevant best-practices and security fundamentals that when applied are proven to deliver successful outcomes


“As the founder of the Ever After Foundation Inc., I would like to provide this statement as a testament to the services rendered by Nine Mile Security Group. Nine Mile Security Group has been a dedicated partner of the Ever After Foundation, since our inception in 2014.


Since then, Nine Mile Security Group has not only provided professional consulting services but has also continuously assisted us through insightful business planning and community engagement strategy..”

 Founder & President 

The Ever After Foundation

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