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"Hello" from Your CISO

For us, all roads invariably return to that one, central, all-consuming question:

How Do You Protect What You Cannot Afford to Lose?

I'm glad you asked; because here are three.

- Your Client's personally identifiable (and legally protected) data

- Your Partnership and Vendor (3rd-Party) relationship information

- And your Business' reputation. In short, staying IN business

Did you know that 85% of all business' value is 100% digital?

So, how secure is yours?

About Me

As a business owner, I started out to intentionally use my gifts to serve my community, secure my family, and to leave behind a lasting legacy. But, all of that requires one essential thing: a secure business.

And that is why Nine Mile Security Group exists.

Our business is to ensure the continuous security of your business-- that's it.

As your vCISO (Virtual Chief Information & Security Officer) and with Nine Mile Security Group as your business' own cybersecurity team you receive only the best cybersecurity management; in short, your data's risk now reports to us. 

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