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Cyber Attacks Gone Wild

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If you’ve lived long enough then you will have come to know that experience oftentimes is the best teacher. Better still-- if you have a few decades under your belt, then you know that life slowly starts revealing itself to you in more and more deliberate ways. And if you've undergone any number of life's vicissitudes, then you know that no thing is entirely off-limits.

Have you ever watched a news story, read an article, or even heard in passing of an event taking place and thought to yourself; that could never happen to me. Much like during the pandemic when some felt that it was something happening in the news, out there somewhere and not necessarily around them. Many of us are guilty of not paying attention until "it" knocks on our door. Many of us disassociate with national news or truths because "it" is happening out there somewhere.

Gone are the days when we could turn a blind eye and stew in comfort; and perhaps life wouldn’t need to wake us up with large tremors if we adhered more closely to the silent whispers. Case in point, the Biden administration recently has had to face the obvious truth that cyber attacks are increasingly compromising more and more of our country's infrastructure; specifically during a time when many businesses, institutions and people are trying to normalize life amid a pandemic. The cyber attacks have been called a “grave national security challenge” threatening the pillars of American life. According to a CNN analysis article written by Stephen Collinson, “The assaults, which have led the FBI director to make comparisons to 9/11, are targeting the country’s vulnerable infrastructure.” It’s no secret that the Biden administration will need to tighten and secure our cyber borders.

Perhaps while reading this post you’re probably thinking -- oh, ok another cyber attack-- but, what many of us often fail to realize is that what happens at the top invariably trickles to the bottom. When medical institutions, water and gas systems, schools and food industries are attacked, it affects us all.

There are 300 cyber attack attempts an hour (source: @Nine_Mile_Security_Group). Can you imagine being poked by a needle 300 times per hour? Can you imagine your neighbor's dog barking 300 times per hour? At what point would you take action?

The article goes on to mention that The Justice Department is coordinating its anti ransomware efforts by using the same formalities as it does for terrorism. President Biden has signed an executive order requiring his government to make “bold changes” and “significant investments” to protect the nation's digital infrastructure. In the words of the National Security Council’s top cyber official, Anne Neuberger, “All organizations must recognize that no company is safe from being targeted by ransomware, regardless of size or location.”

Yes, we’re aware that there are many variables that we cannot control. However, how are we controlling what we can? Let’s not wait for the unimaginable to come knocking at our door. Let’s not wait to execute urgency after an unexpected emergency. What will you do next to protect your personal life’s infrastructure. Feel overwhelmed or unsure where to begin? We have some experts who can support you.

At Nine Mile we believe prevention is the best protection. We can help and have the tools, know-how, and network available to support you.

Contact us today to get started.

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