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One Fish, Two Fish, Big Fish, Little Fish

The media tends to focus on the data breaches that seem to affect the biggest companies and theoretically the most consumers. In 2019, data breaches have affected companies as large as Toyota, Capital One, and the American Medical Collection Agency.

These infiltrations of vulnerable cyber defenses have affected hundreds of millions of consumers. While these incidents and their subsequent responses deserve attention, an overlooked aspect of cyber crime and its effects are how it affects small businesses. According to JP Morgan Chase, 99% of American firms are small businesses. And recent surveys show that small businesses are showing increased rates of cyber attacks.

Recent data shows that 76% of U.S. companies were victims of cyber attacks, which showed a 20% increase in the amount of cyber attacks in just two years. The nature of these various incidents of cyber crime were varied. Small business reported being attacked by phishing and social engineering scams where realistic looking emails coaxed users into downloading malicious software onto computers. Attacks also came via websites that were offered by businesses.

In the same survey, small business owners identified that not having enough money as well as lacking the available personnel were crucial elements in not having the cyber security resilience that was necessary to prevent such attacks. While protecting customer data and financial information was important to businesses, survey respondents also acknowledged that the ease that mobile devices gave them to run their businesses also led to increased vulnerability.

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Source: “Small businesses increasingly a target for cybercriminals”

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