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Down With O.P.P -D?

In 1991 rap group Naughty by Nature released their song entitled O.P.P. While the acronyms' actual meaning may be translated differently depending on who you ask; many adopted the phrase “other people's property” (the more PG-rated version to what it actually meant). It’s fair to say that the rap group had no idea the relevance of O.P.P in 2021. It's also fairly certain that the rap group didn't realize how significant this acronym would be and its recurring theme in our society today. Their oblivion is well justified since we’re actually focused on O.P.P. meaning “other people's privacy”. Heck, let's take it a step further and refer to O.P.P as other people's personal (data). You get the point!

In 2004 upon the launch of Facebook and six years later in 2010 the launch of Instagram; no one was aware that we were simultaneously launching one of the greatest personal information euphoria’s of our time. Who knew that the creation of an account to connect with distant relatives would lead to Facebook sending you ads about the red juice blender you've been eyeing for the past week. It is no secret that these platforms monitor not only our personal information but also those with whom we are "friends". Privacy and personal data mean something different to everyone. Some might agree that big brother is and has always been watching this entire time, while others still are more reluctant to reveal their total selves on the internet. Whichever side of the tracks you fall, I think we can collectively agree that personal information and data means one thing to major companies and that is: access + revenue.

In an article posted by writer Carissa Veliz , she discusses the Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2018. Veliz states that “Only 270,000 Facebook users consented to the firm using their data, the other 87 million people were the friends of those consenting users.” Would you allow your doctor to share your medical chart with your supervisor? Would you allow the bank to fax over your account information to your former best friend? Perhaps we should examine why our society has freely given a fishing hook and bait to major corporations all in the name of connection. If you have not yet realized that your data is a gold mine for companies who meticulously dig for greater leads and insight into your own web of connectedness; then at the very least we respectfully request you become more mindful of the accounts you create, the pools in which your emails swim, and the browsers (or extensions) that you automatically plug-in. Back in the day folks would recommend having a doctor, accountant, or mechanic on speed dial. Today we recommend you have a cyber security expert on speed dial!

Are you prepared to face a breach of your identity and personal, sensitive data? Have you given the internet full access to your personal life? When was the last time you conducted a dark web scan? Do you have someone or team you can call to support your personal and business-related endeavors in the event of a small business security breach? Preparation is not only what you do now but what you do now to prepare for the future. We can help and have the tools and know-how to support you.

Contact Nine Mile Security Group and start your preparation today.

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