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The Thieves Don’t Wear Ski Masks Any More

Much of the media attention that has been shown to victims of cyber attacks tends to focus on the massive data breaches that have affected large corporations. Companies like Equifax and Target have all seen their customers’ sensitive data stolen by dedicated cyber criminals who look to take that information and profit. What is largely overlooked are the ways that cyber crime directly mimics the most effective form of theft from history: interacting with your employees.

The idea of the masked robber may not be as prevalent as it has been in the past. Just because your employees may not interact with your customers face to face does not mean that you can relax your security posture. There are numerous ways that cyber criminals can still engage your employees and gain access to critical assets that will leave your business vulnerable. One can look at the case of SS&C Technologies to see the danger of not having your employees participate in quality cyber awareness training. Hackers were able to mimic the addresses of one of SS&C’s customers and secured close to $6 million in funds.

This led to lawsuits against SS&C Technologies and threatened their reputation in their field. The customer that was affected was forced to suspend their operations as they sought to recover the money that was lost by SS&C employees who were not properly trained to identify the efforts of hackers. Making sure your employees are prepared to stop hacking attempts before they take root is a central feature of keeping your business on the cutting edge of the marketplace.

Recent surveys show that 3 in 4 small businesses have experienced a cyber attack in the last 12 months. Hackers not only target large firms with access to vast amount of capital but also small firms they know do not have the necessary information systems security in place to prevent critical data from being leaked. Nine Mile Security Group has the tools to make sure your business shows the cyber security resilience that is necessary to compete in today’s business landscape.

From cyber awareness training to network monitoring to making sure that you are able to respond to a cyber incident, Nine Mile Security Group is positioned to offer you quality service secure your business.

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