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Haste Leads to Heartbreak

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

In the rush to keep up with modern trends and do our best to reach customers where they are, there are often steps that we overlook that undercut our bottom line.

Technology has allowed us to modernize our services, making us more accessible to our customers as they move about their daily lives. Giving customers options to connect with a business gives us multiple data points and information that helps us to be more prepared to respond to what our customers need. In the haste to establish those systems and make sure customers have access to us, businesses can often make the mistake of not protecting their customers data. This leaves the business vulnerable to cyber attacks as incidents of cyber crime continue to rise as hackers take advantage of more sensitive material being transmitted over the internet.

Take for example the case of Equifax. Known around the world for being one of the three largest credit reporting bureaus, Equifax trades in highly sensitive information as it keeps track of the buying and spending habits of numerous amounts of consumers. In an effort to be forward facing, they pushed on the technology front to allow people who had disputes regarding their credit report to file claims over the internet. But in their rush to make sure they were accessible to customers, they also made their customers’ data easily accessible to even the most novice of hackers. The exploitation of endpoint security on various pages within their website led to a breach that affected as many as 143 million Americans. Even if Equifax had taken the simple steps to give their websites strong passwords and usernames as well as using sophisticated means of encryption, they might have avoided leaking the personal information of 143 million people. Not only did it deplete trust in their business, but it also made them the target of multiple lawsuits.

These are missteps that Nine Mile Security Group is expertly trained to provide insight on how to avoid in your business. Our experienced professionals can begin with a Cyber Security Posture Assessment that will form the baseline to establish what vulnerabilities your business may have and how we can address them efficiently. Once we’ve established where we can help you improve your cyber security, we can give you a more in-depth Cyber Risk Management Strategy Session.

We can even perform Managed Security Sessions so you can see in real time how your networks are prepared to weather the most dangerous of cyber crime.

Reach out to Nine Mile Security Group today to protect your most critical assets.

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Source: “Ayuda! (Help!) Equifax Has My Data!”

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