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Microphone check 1-2-1-2! Breaches in tech 1-2-1-2!

"What are you gonna do one two one two! They're protecting them, who's protecting you?"

OK, so maybe Jay-Z won't issue us a record deal; however, quite a few deals are deliberately being made right behind your back!

Plot Twist: you will NOT receive a percentage or any royalties from any of these deals.

As of late it seems that every week there is a security breach. The headlines "Data Breach" or "Account Compromise" are all too common themes perpetually resurfacing in the world of technology and social media. How is it that all of these giants (*ahem* Facebook, LinkedIn, and just this week Experian) are each falling victim to either hackers (albeit skillful and meticulous ones), or lax security policy that creates the perfect conditions for breaching and compromising data!?!

In some cases it can take several years to recover from identity theft -- yes, that's correct, several. So imagine your mechanic knowing your social security number, your accountant obtaining your medical records, or your employer discovering your savings account bank balance. Sounds outlandish? Well, that's the kind of personal information swapping happening in broad daylight affecting millions of people.

Crazy right? Yup.. we think so too.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how much your email, phone number and identity was worth? If the answer to that question is no, we beckon you to awake from your cyber slumber.

According to a recent article posted on, data from 500 LinkedIn accounts have been put up for sale on a hacker forum. While Linkedln has addressed the breach, they've also confirmed that the information did not come solely from them; and that the data up for sale were the profiles of some of their users. When hackers gain access to millions of identities, that translates to millions in revenue.

This means that these identities (yours included) are viewed, sold, and recycled for a profit --YOUR name, YOUR email address, and YOUR phone number are all conduits to some hackers' income stream and "vibrant" scheme.

A few suggestions we recommend to our clients is to: (1) Limit the creation of unnecessary online accounts. Minimize your digital footprint. (i.e: banking, email, instant messaging, etc), (2) Refresh passwords regularly and add 2FA (two-factor authentication), (3) Sharing is caring but oversharing is daring; in short, be super selective system with whom you share your personal data.

If these major platforms are being breached (one, or two, or three times over 3 years on average) imagine the steps you need to but aren't taking to protect yourself from a crippling, personal cyber attack.

At Nine Mile we believe prevention is the best protection. We can help, and have the tools and know how to support you.

Contact Nine Mile Security Solutions for further information.

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