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New Level, Same Cyber Devils

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Growing up there was an unspoken truth about the level of trouble one could get into based on their family dynamic. For some it might have been “wait until your father gets home.” For others it may have been; “don’t make me have to tell your mother what you’ve done.” For those raised by the elders of their family, perhaps fear was evoked if grandma or grandpa found out about a mild to severe infraction. Regardless of whom or what, what was certain was there were levels to this “getting into trouble” thing.

Just recently the Biden administration held a cyber security summit. This summit ranged from those in the cyber tech field to insurance. Quick pop quiz: If the White House is holding a summit on cyber security, don't you think cyber security matters?

Simply sit with that for a second.

White House officials met with tech giants like Google and Microsoft; both companies committed to spending billions of dollars towards cyber security. To be clear that’s billions with a capital B. This summit was organized on the precipice of multiple cyber attacks in various sectors. The levels of cyber security trouble have intensified.

In a recent CNBC tech article written by Lauren Feiner, the following corporate tech giants met this past week and planned to do the following:

Apple, is stepping up by creating a program to beef up there multifactor authentication. They are also committed to additional security training.

Google, pledged to invest 10 billion over the span of five years by training 100,000 Americans in the tech field through its career certificate program.

Microsoft, (who by the way spends 1 billion per year on cyber security since 2015) has committed to 20 billion over the span of five years to upgrade it’s security tools. In addition, Microsoft CEO plans to invest 150 million to help government agencies upgrade their cyber security systems and training through their partnerships.

IBM, has committed to training more than 150,000 people in cyber security skills over the course of three years. This is in conjunction with partnering with historically black colleges and universities to help diversify the workforce.

Now, let’s focus our attention on a an extremely valuable asset. YOU! Yes, the “company” entitled YOU! How much are you willing to invest to protect your assets? Where do you project your small business or personal affairs being in the next 3-5 years?. One thing's for sure, there are levels to this cyber security game.

Our hope is that you play to win, and our mission is centered on you not being played!

  • Not sure where to begin?

  • Need some insight on next steps?

We have some experts who can help you in real time create a real game plan. At Nine Mile we believe prevention is the best protection, and have the tools plus know-how to support you. Contact us for more information | Follow us on Instagram: @nine_mile_security Group

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