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One Minute Warning

A minute is a relatively short amount of time. But there is definitely a lot that can happen in that short window of time. In a basketball or soccer game, a minute can be an eternity. And even for us mere mortals not gifted with otherworldly athletic talent, a minute can hold a world of activity. Pre-pandemic, every minute saw 58 aircraft take off around the world. 11,319 packages are delivered via UPS. 243,000 photos are uploaded to Facebook in just a minute as well. Close to 5.5 million pounds of garbage are generated worldwide every minute.

Certainly when you look at your business and operations, every minute is crucial. One has to determine if the minutes utilized in a Zoom conference call are really vital to the bottom line when those minutes might be put to better use in developing other elements of the business. And even as you try to determine the best use of your time, there are multiple bad agents looking to infiltrate your systems and threaten your cybersecurity with those same minutes. Sometimes it is just mere seconds that they need in order to create chaos and undermine the time and effort you have made to build your business.

Recently, a company conducted a survey on how cybercrime can affect businesses. They found that in every minute, $11,400,000 will be lost to cybercrime. That’s right. $11.4M dollars lost every minute to attacks carried out by cyberattackers looking to create havoc and profit. In that single minute, 375 new cyberattacks present themselves. And this may continue to increase as the pandemic lingers and crafty hackers utilize the insecurity and malaise brought on by the pandemic to target businesses and workers who are vulnerable to their attacks. Every minute, they determined that three new phishing sites would be deployed along with another 14.6 COVID-related hosts that are created. You may feel safe that in that minute, there are only 1.5 attacks on internet-connected computers. But that still amounts to 16,172 records compromised in that same 60 second span.

As these attacks continue to rise in the face of a pandemic, various companies and multiple levels of government have turned to making their cybersecurity systems more formidable. While every one of these entities is motivated to move forward in making their data more secure, there is never a one size fits all solution. For a small business or individual looking to ensure their own system and data are safe, it can be especially daunting. That’s why at Nine Mile Security Group we offer High Ground, a service that is available 24/7 with affordable solutions to your cybersecurity needs. Reach out to us today so that we can figure out the best way to keep you and your business protected, minute by minute.

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