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Power of Attorney-Net?

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Depending on where you are in life at the moment you may disagree with the following statement: Millennials and Gen Z got this generation on lock!

If Beyoncé wanted to remix the song entitled “Who Runs The World”, we’d say Gen Z and Millennials. Now calm down Gen X and Boomers, we also respect your contribution to society; however, Millennials and Gen Z are the the Goya, paprika, and oregano of the 21st-century!

According to an article entitled “15 Ways Millennials Changed the World in 2010'' by Hillary Hoffower, correspondent to the Insider on millennial wealth; “Millennials have helped reinvent the world in the past decade.” The article also goes on to mention that Millennials have delayed major events in their life like getting married or owning a home. Millennials also tend to want a life filled with more experiences and post-worthy clips to their social media.

Perhaps the most enlightening statement made in this article was that millennials have caused whole industries to shift and cater to them. Not to mention the numerous startups that came about during this generation to fill the gaps within the market.

How about a round of applause for millennials! According to Insider Intelligence, writer Andrew Meola describes Generation Z as, “soon becoming the largest cohort of consumers and brands who want a piece of this opportunity will need to understand their tendencies and digital expectations.” Generation Z has grown up on the internet and for them the use of social media is-frequent, fluent, and is as necessary as breathing. Generation Z is not about playing by the rules whose parameters blocked both Millennials and generations prior. We appreciate their stretch of the imagination (literally and figuratively).

A USA Today article written by Kim Komando left us pondering an interesting yet critical question that brings us to our next and real point.

Who gets access to your online accounts and digital files when you die? The things that make you go hmmmm, right? To be honest, this thought might not frequently run through the minds of everyday people. We are so consumed with keeping up with life that we fail to prepare for after life. While we'd love to bask in the world of cyber security, we thought this blog could provide you with critical and important information that might be useful.

Who would gain control of your digital real estate in the event that you passed away? Who would be responsible for knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it in the event you were no longer in this physical form? In an effort not to overwhelm you, the article breaks down some ways you can be assigned a “digital executor”.

Here are their suggestions:

1. “Create a checklist”- Essentially an Excel spreadsheet that may include websites login details and password files

2. “Take care of Facebook”-Facebook allows you to name a legacy contact who can manage your account when you die. This person has access to write an update, post your profile pic and access everything you’ve done on Facebook

3. “Twitter”-Similar features to Facebook

4. “Instagram”-Here you can maintain and memorialize your account or request to have it deleted via a family member

5. “Google”-Setting up auto delete may be the most efficient way to manage your Google account since your watch history search results and location history may not be private once you transition I hope shifting gears a bit helps you to effectively close out the last quarter of this year by outlining what truly serves you online. Being mindful about what happens when you are alive versus deceased may not be a comfortable topic for most, but sure is necessary for all. Not sure where to begin? Need some insight on next steps? We have experts who will help you create a solid game plan in real time.

At Nine Mile we believe prevention is the best protection and have the tools plus know-how to support you.

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