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See you in 2022!

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Nine Mile Fam! How are you all doing out there?

As we wrap up 2021 and move into the abundance of 2022 we wanted to check in and recap the jewels that have been dropped this year!

Jan 2021: Remote working and threats to your business

Theme: Comfort of working from home but cyber threats still being prevalent

Feb 2021: Friendly neighborhood Hacker

Theme: Hacking is a “real” profession with real professionals behind it

March 2021: One minute warning

Theme: All it takes is one minute for a cyber-attack to occur!

April 2021: Down with O.P.P—Data?

Theme: How sites use and sell other people’s personal data—big business!

May 2021: Duck Duck Cyber Goose

Theme: Can you really opt out of ads and privacy settings?

June 2021: What the HEALTH?

Theme: What happens when cyber-attacks infiltrate the health care system?

July 2021: Amazon prime or prey?

Theme: How wireless devices like “Alexa” or “Echo” are susceptible to hacks and breaches

August 2021: Are gamers being played?

Theme: Data theft in the gaming industry

September 2021: Cyber-attacks gone wild

Theme: How corporate infrastructures are comprised due to cyber-attacks

October: Holidays or Horror Days

Theme: How hackers benefit greatly from holiday season online shopping

November: Is it all good in the hood?

Theme: How trading and stock apps like Robinhood are fair game for hackers

December: Tis the Season

Theme: Tips on how to close out your online year—cleaning up your cyber house.

We hope that you have enjoyed our blog posts and have taken a few “cyber nuggets” to support your personal and business-related matters. As we enter 2022, we encourage you to stay tapped in and tuned in. We encourage you to stay ahead of the curve by being an active participant in your online dealings while being aware of your digital footprint. If you have missed a post, you can always head over to our blog and catch up.

We truly thank you for your support.

Want to jumpstart the new year with a fresh cyber security consultation or advice for your personal or small business matters?

We have some experts who can help you in real time create a real game plan.

At Nine Mile we believe prevention is the best protection. We can help and have the tools to support you.

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