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The Hack is Wack!

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Before we get down to business; allow our Nine Mile Solutions team to wish you a prosperous and healthy 2022! We believe in you and we hope we provide you tools to help you believe in yourself!

Imagine this-It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. You wake up feeling well rested and rejuvenated. You make your morning coffee (or favorite smoothie) and ease into the flow of the day. You’re a creature of habit so It’s only right that you repeat the standard “to do’s” outlined each day.

1. Create a list of follow up items

2. Check account balances

3. Check emails and reply

4. Scroll through your IG page

Wait! What! Huhhhh? What in the hacketty hack is going on here?????

Instantly you notice a weird post on your feed. An unauthorized, unverified, and suspect bright and bold post on your feed that reads:

“I’ll send 5,000 dollars to the first 5 people who send me their cash app link”. Unfortunately, they got you (insert sad face emoji). Sadly, “they” have gotten many.

If your social media platform is just for fun and leisure than perhaps you can maneuver through a hack of this sort.

However, if your social media is used to create deliberate content, expand your clientele and generate profit; a hack like this can discredit your “cyber character” and ultimately dismantle your business.

As you enter this year with promise and precision it’s important that you DO NOT ignore the fine details. The intricacies of a brand and business requires preventative measures. We have worked with several clients who have encountered an abrupt hack of their account and upon evaluation we noticed the following:

  • Taking the bait when a hacker seeks to engage and gain access through “phishing”-pretending to be from that social media source requesting that you fix and false error on your account.

You click link, and boom, they're in.

  • Hackers use a program to guess your password and if that password is used for various accounts-boom their in.

  • Using 3rd party apps that can expose your accounts to hackers

Some Suggestions on how to protect your social media account while simultaneously protecting your brand and business.

  • Create a list of all of you social media platforms, email accounts and any other platform you use to conduct brand or business transactions.

  • Creating unique multi-character passwords that are NOT easy to guess.

  • Creating a unique password for each individual account in the event one account is compromised you know the others are still secure.

Use Two-Factor Authentication. This allows for a second form of authentication BUT we advise avoiding the “receive a text/email message option” instead opt for separate authentication app like “Authenticator” this app allows for a more secured 2FA where an attacker would need to access your secret key and the encrypted algorithm.

Remain consistent which involves conducting monthly check-ins with yourself and cyber activity.

Keep it tight, and keep it secure.

It’s 2022-let’s make a conscious effort to level up in all areas of our life. Intentional daily actions directly impact our daily results.

Feel a little overwhelmed?

At Nine Mile we believe prevention is the best protection. We can help and have the tools to support you.

Contact us for more information | Follow us on Instagram:@nine_mile_security Group

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