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Time To Get Schooled: New Target, School Districts!

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What comes to mind when you hear the word PROTECTION?

Perhaps your response will be vague at first, however once that word is put into context it will take on a new meaning. Let us try this again. What comes to mind when you think of protecting your loved ones, specifically your children? Sit with that for a second. Feel the overwhelming number of feelings, emotions, and descriptive words that may or may not capture what protecting your children really looks like to you.

Most people believe that cyber security breaches are limited to financial institutions. However as cyber attacks increase, the data points to a variety of sectors experiencing some form of compromise. A repeated target for hackers has been K-12 school districts.

According to a recent article on Cyware Social, eight K-12 schools were hit by a ransomware group by the name of PYSA, also known as Mespinoza. The FBI issued an alert, but unfortunately some school districts had already had their information leaked prior to receiving the alert. The two school districts; The Affton School District (St. Louis Missouri) and Gering Public Schools (Portland, Oregon). These school districts are in major cities serving a population of over 70,000 public school students.

Why does this matter?

Usually, the collective association with any form of cyber threat is associated with a corporate entity, small business or individual (mainly adults). In this case, a threat to an entire school system means a threat to both adults and children. Whose address is on file for a minor? Their parents or guardians. Whose private financial documents are on file for a minor? Their parents or guardians. Whose sensitive medical information file? A minor and perhaps their parent or guardian depending on the scenario.

Oh, and for your information a ransom was PAID OUT. Guess with whose money? Public funding of course! The actual amount paid has not been disclosed but researchers suggest making it known publicly when a school’s system has been breached. This can perhaps help create more awareness.

If you have not been convinced yet we offer you reflect on the following:

1. Cyber security is no longer an “out there” issue. It here and will eventually hit home if your do not have your “security alarms” in place.

2. Hackers work overtime to infiltrate systems and get to their bottom line. What is your bottom line when it comes to protecting your most valuable assets

3. Do you have a team or system in place? Who is your go to person/team in the event of a sudden breach?

4. Have you heard of the quote “If you stay ready you never have to get ready”---we advise you stay ready NOW.

We have experts who can help with that.

At Nine Mile we believe prevention is the best protection, and have the tools plus know-how to support you.

Contact us today for further information.

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