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Tis The Season...

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Cyber family! What it do! How are you feeling this time of year? Most importantly, how are you planning for the year ahead? This time of year brings an array of feelings and emotions for us all. Closing out the final quarter of the year can shift us in several ways. On one hand we begin to face the reality (yet again) that time waits for no one. Count how many “this year went by so fast” comments you encounter over the next several days. We promise there will be plenty.

On the other hand you’re faced with the overarching question of “did I achieve my goals this year?” That question forces us to confront those inner and external parts of ourselves. It’s an inevitable genesis to the floodgates of “am I on track?” coupled with “where in the world is my life headed?” Rest assured those feelings of encouragement, hopefulness, confusion, inspiration and wonder are normal. It’s our internal compass supporting our navigation through the “stuff”! We hope you have gathered a few golden nuggets of cyber and security related information over the past several months. We hope we’ve filled your cup with knowledge. We hope you have made your lists, checked it twice with no second guessing of whose been naughty or nice! Speaking of list——we encourage that during this time of year. As we wrap up this year of personal and professional business; we encourage what we call an online house cleaning to reset and to prepare for what’s ahead. Think of it as reorganizing any clutter or even “giving away” what no longer serves you. We’ve created a list to help support your transition into your new year of abundance and approach to your overall business—self included. Here is your concise end of year “close out” list 1. Take inventory of all the sites you have an account with (banking, meditation app, social media) make a list of all

2. Check the status of each password. Is the password safe? Easily detectable? If so, recreate unique and hard to crack passwords. Avoid the same password for each site.

3. Which sites can you live without? Truly ask yourself—do I need this? Is it necessary?

4. Enable two-step authentication on your accounts

5. Consider storing passwords in a discreet password book or device. Then guard that with your life :)

6. Less is more- FOMO is real, but not in theory. You get to choose where your data footprints go—and they don’t need to go everywhere

7. Log out of sites when you are not accessing them. This includes phones and laptops.

8. Remember——if it’s free, you’re the product. Stay careful and remain cautious

9. Stay organized and have a cyber meeting with self at least twice a month if possible to check in and reevaluate cyber boundaries

10. Starting a business, side hustle or other? We’re here to help!

Not sure where to begin?

We have some experts who can help you in real time create a real game plan.

At Nine Mile we believe prevention is the best protection. We can help and have the tools and know how to support you.

Contact us for more information | Follow us on Instagram:@nine_mile_security Group

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