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What the HEALTH??

A cyber attack compromises not only your individual identity, but also the value of your overall health-- here's how.

Let's play a little game of trivia. Ready? This female mega star has sold an estimated 100 million records worldwide. She is one of the best female recording artists in the U.S. She was the youngest of nine children and quickly broke away from the shadows of her older brothers while giving birth to her own talents. Who is she? You guessed it! None other than Janet Jackson. I guess you're wondering, what's the point of this mention and how does this tie in with cyber attacks?

Well, Janet Jackson sold millions of albums but one in particular sold over 10 million copies worldwide. That album was entitled "Control". How fitting for an album entitled control to sell over 10 million copies. Currently, hackers are working overtime to obtain control and make millions with sensitive data. So you can either listen to some throwback Janet Jackson tunes (which we recommend) or continue reading these Nine Mile Security blog posts to remain informed about the current cybersecurity landscape (which we highly recommend). Keep in mind when it comes to cyberattacks, control is the name of the game. What side do you want to be on...the controller or the controlled?

Several days ago the FBI reported tracking at least 16 Conti ransomware attacks that struck the U.S. health care and first responder networks. These attacks happened within the last year; including but not limited to emergency medical services, municipalities and law enforcement agencies. Over 400 organizations across the world are linked to first responder networks. Of that, over 300 located in the U.S have been victimized by Conti (ransomware).

The usual play is to typically steal files, encrypt workstations and servers, and coerce the victims to pay. Payment requested is specific per victim. Some victims have had to pay up to $25,000,000 to restore their systems. If payment cannot be obtained then the data is sold and/or released publicly while still being controlled by Conti actors.

We know that nothing happens in a vacuum. Cyberattacks of these magnitudes offset collateral damage that personally affect the people, places and things involved. According to a recent article in Cyberscoop writer Tim Starks explains FBI warning, "Conti actors gained unauthorized access to victims networks through weaponizing malicious email links, attachments, or stolen Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) credentials. Conti weaponizes Word documents with embedded PowerShell scripts, initially staging Cobalt strike via the word documents and then dropping Emotet onto the network, giving the actor access to deploy ransomware."

While the American Hospital Association is grateful to the FBI for sharing this high-level intelligence information, its ability and resources available to defend against these attacks is limited. Instead, the American Hospital Association is looking for a collaborative coordinated effort from the government that will help dismantle criminal organizations that seek to obtain sensitive information illegally.

Yet again here is another illustration of cyber attacks taking place on a corporate level. These attacks are meticulous, deliberate and detailed in nature. At the moment there is no "alert" or "push to stop" button. If major entities are calling for additional support from the government in cybersecurity aid, imagine the support you need to secure and safeguard your personal information. The reality is we all need a protective barrier. The truth is we need it now more so than ever. Are you willing to control the narrative of your personal data or be controlled? At Nine Mile we advise the latter.

At Nine Mile we not only believe that prevention is the best protection; but also have the necessary framework, tools, and know-how to support you.

Contact us today to get started.

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