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Where Were You?

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We've decided to use this early month blog post and address the recent elephant that stampeded inside the room. The October 5th elephant that arrested the social hearts, minds, and souls of folks. We decided to address a fairly serious matter for most and straight up livelihood for others. We decided that even though the calendar days continue to rotate and welcome the newness of each day; some moments require a doubling back, a pause, and a deliberate reflection.

Where were you when the social media black out of October 5th 2021 occurred? What were you doing at the time? Who were you with? When did you figure out a full on black out was occurring?

We saved the most important question for last.....WERE YOU PREPARED?

We have to admit (or not) to ourselves that we are in a different space as a society. We have entered the age of social civilization where physical presence has taken a back seat to virtual presence. We have adopted practices that may have previously been foreign to us. We have redefined what it means to "like" and "comment". Truthfully, we have all crossed some sort of boundary of self existence and validation. We have redefined our self worth and for some our purpose. To be clear; there is no judgement attached to however you present your case. The real power is recognizing that we are all "victims" to the social media drug; some of us require more rehabilitation than others.

In June 2021, NPR wrote an article citing the millions of people who were quitting their job. The pandemic had subsided and the perspectives on how to earn a living began to shift in the minds of millions. Do I need to report to a physical location daily? What is my time worth? What would happen if I actually followed the dreams that bring fulfillment and purpose into my life. Friends, these are valid inquiries into the soul. We celebrate introspective advancement of the soul. Ultimately, everyone should do (and pursue) what feels right for them. As a result, many people have found a way to make money by selling a product or service or simply being a dope influencer online.

However, back to that last question.....WERE YOU PREPARED?

At minimum, perhaps you were waiting for a DM reply for a job inquiry. At maximum, maybe you were uploading specific video content that you upload daily to reach those who support you. Regardless of the level of urgency/need; were you prepared for this blackout? We'd like to confidently affirm that's a NO (no shade) but NO many of us were not prepared. This blackout also exposed our dependency and vulnerability to uncle Facebook and Auntie Instagram.

In the true spirit of collaboration; we'd like to offer you a checklist of clarity. We hope this allows you to reset the course for your business and personal life as it relates to social media. Most importantly, we hope you assert yourself and your power when it comes to interacting on these platforms:

  • Have you updated all of your social media passwords recently? (please differentiate them)

  • Have you updated your email passwords?

  • Is there an alternative platform where clients or customers can reach you outside of your social media platforms?

  • Do you take any form of payment from clients or customers? Is that network secure?

  • Do you have an "auto-response" feature when timely content is delayed or not posted?

  • If execution of plan 1 does not work, what does execution of plan 2 look like?

  • Who is your go to CYBER SECURITY EXPERT if your personal or business information has been compromised?

Systems are being compromised daily. It is no longer a matter of "what if" but "when". Being prepared trumps being scared! Not sure where to begin? Need some insight on next steps? We have some experts who can help you in real time create a real game plan. At Nine Mile we believe prevention is the best protection. We can help and have the tools and know how to support you.

Contact us for more information | Follow us on Instagram:@nine_mile_security Group

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