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Small Business CyberThreat Protection subscription providing timely alerts and ongoing threat protection for full digital security, vulnerability management, and essential industry compliance.



Protect Tomorrow 

We keep your business running by securing its vital asset: your data.

Fully map and track all devices, applications, users, and environments that your data interacts with through our 24/7, borderless security.

Operate from anywhere in full confidence that your sensitive information whether in transit or at rest is protected against data leak.

Ensure your data availability by staying one step ahead of the latest vulnerabilities and threats to your operations. 


We create the products of the future. Our cutting-edge technology, visionary team and unrelenting work ethic put us miles ahead of the competition.

Vulnerability Scanning:

● Weekly automated scans to identify potential vulnerabilities.
● Basic report with identified vulnerabilities and simple remediation steps.

Threat Monitoring:

● Basic 24/7 monitoring to detect common threats to endpoints*
● Email alerts for any suspicious activity.

Patch Management:

● Monthly updates and patches for widely used software (e.g., operating
systems, web browsers).

Basic Package: Starter Shield

This Includes:

$97: per user 

Value: Required (Digital) Protection

● Protects against common cyber threats.
● Keeps critical software up-to-date.
● Affordable entry-level security for small businesses.

Vulnerability Management:

● Daily in-depth scans and assessments of your digital infrastructure.
● Detailed reports including prioritization of vulnerabilities and tailored
remediation strategies.

Enhanced Threat Detection:

● Advanced monitoring tools for detecting a wider range of threats.
● Real-time alerts and support to mitigate detected threats.

Patch Management Plus:

● Automated patching for a broader range of software, including third-party
● Regular reports on patch status and vulnerabilities addressed.

Standard Package: Business Guardian

This Includes:

$297: per user

Employee Training Modules:

● Access to online cybersecurity awareness training for employees.
● Monthly security tips and best practices newsletter.

Value: Full Digital Protection

● Comprehensive security coverage.
● Proactive threat detection and response.
● Educates employees on security awareness, reducing human error.

Custom Vulnerability Management:

​● Customized, comprehensive vulnerability assessments tailored to your specific business needs.
● Hands-on vulnerability remediation assistance and quarterly review meetings.

Advanced Threat Defense:

● State-of-the-art threat detection system, including AI-driven Pretesting and analysis for sophisticated threats.
● Dedicated security analyst support for incident response and forensic analysis.

Patch Management Pro:

● All features of Patch Management Plus.
● Custom patch management policies and support for specialized applications.

Premium Package: Elite Protector

This Includes:

$997: per user

Security Policy Development:

● Assistance in developing and maintaining key cybersecurity policies.
● Regular security audits to ensure compliance with your industry standards.

Employee Security Training & Phishing Simulations:

● Comprehensive security awareness training
● Regular phishing simulation campaigns to test and improve employee vigilance.

Value: Full Digital Protection & NIST (CSF) Level Compliance

● Tailored, top-tier cybersecurity protection.
● Direct access to cybersecurity experts.
● Enhances your business's resilience against advanced cyber threats.

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